Birthdays cakes and desserts in Singapore

Birthdays are an important event in life. If you are celebrating your birthday in Singapore, count yourself lucky. This place has the best cake and dessert shops you can find. You will find anything and everything ranging from sponge cakes, tier cakes, floral cakes, cookies, pastries, and cupcakes. Check out the various cake shop in Singapore and get ready for a big birthday bash!

Unfortunately, not many of us have been able to master the art of baking. I guess that could be a good thing because then we would not have been able to sample everything of what Singapore has to offer. Custom cakes have become the rage and the fad has caught on in Singapore as well.

Monice Bakes is a bakery which offers cartoon cakes to animal cakes. This Singaporean bakery makes these customized cakes at a very reasonable rate. Sally T Cakes offers homemade cakes of any kind you want. You can let your imagination run wild and choose any theme of your liking and they will make it for you. Let’s take a look at this list by Expat Living about the best cakes shops in Singapore.

Birthday cakes: Customized, store-bought and more

Customised bakes make all celebrations even sweeter; head to Monice Bakes where you’ll find specially handcrafted cakes and cookies at affordable prices. This online bakery is a one-stop shop for the special occasions in life – birthdays, baby showers, weddings, corporate events and more. Specialising in creating buttercream and fondant designs in anything from popular cartoon characters to animal figurines, head baker Monice is known for her stunning creations that taste as good (if not, better) as they look, and this is seen from the consistently positive customer reviews on the bakery’s Facebook page. The pastries are also made to be less sweet, and without preservatives or artificial flavouring – ideal for kiddos!

When it comes to customisation of the cake kind, Sally Turnbull from Sally T Cakes can pretty much work with whatever creative ideas you have in mind – from your loved one’s favourite movie characters and beyond. Tasty, homemade, delicious. Read more here.

Have you had your fill of delicious, customized cakes?

In this day and age, choosing a cake is not just about the size and flavor you want it to be. There has come up so many technologies that you can get virtually anything on a cake. From new funky flavors to combinations of two or more flavors. If you would rather, you can choose to go with a 3D cake, a theme cake, or a photo cake. There are many dessert and cake shops in Singapore which can create this according to your wishes at a reasonable price.

If you are planning to go out and get a cake, you will need some help. This article by Author will help you know how to choose the right birthday cake.

Four Tips To Know How To Choose The Right Birthday Cake

Size: It is important to know how many people you are feeding before you can order your cake. This is really your stepping off point for the rest of the steps to ordering that perfect cake.

Budget: Cakes can cost a pretty penny, so setting a budget is very important. A birthday cake can cost anywhere from $10 to over $100, so decide how much you are willing to spend.

Bakery: Choose your bakery well! There is noting worse than ordering a cake from a place you have never used, showing up on the day of the party and finding the cake not done or done poorly, both of which I have had happen. Choose someone you trust, like Baskin Robbins, who is known for their professionally designed cakes for any occasion.

Type and Flavor: Do you want a round cake, a square cake, a sheet cake? So you want an ice cream cake or a traditional cake with ice cream on the side? What flavor so you want? You need to choose a flavor you know most of the party goers will eat. You do not want to choose raspberry peanut butter ganache and have most of your cake still there, uneaten at the end of the party. Read more here.

Now you know the four most important factors to keep in mind while ordering a cake.

We have seen some of the top cake shops in Singapore that offers customized cakes. It is not easy to go and buy a cake in a shop. There are so many things we have to think about and decide beforehand, with the increase in variety and types. Here are some tips for you to be able to choose the perfect birthday cake. This article by Karen Cole will be of immense help.

3 Tips of Choosing a Perfect Birthday Cake.

Choose a Bakery.

Before choosing your bakery, do your examination. Get some information about couples who have adored their birthday cake cooked by a nearby bakery and read birthday authorities surveys online. Check birthday sites or sites that have client criticism. Ensure the surveys you are finding are cutting-edge, as their site and online photographs ought to be. When you have a potential prospect, visit the bakery in individual. It is important that you feel good with the group that would chip away at your cake. You need to work with staff that really listens to your solicitations and inquiries. If you think you may have found the bakery for you, talk with the cake designer about specifics.

Choose a Flavor.

Birthday cakes come in a wide range of stunning flavors. Locate the one that talks most to you and your life partner. Do you favor a rich chocolate or a light fruity taste? There are a few important things to remember when birthday cake tasting, Additionally, it is a smart thought to separate the tasting into various days so you don’t enter a sugar over-burden making you settle on an impulsive choice. Read more here.

This article gave complete and clear information on how to go ahead with ordering a cake without any hassle. Make sure you also run by all the factors before you go to place an order.

On a concluding note, cake shops are now offering what was unimaginable yesterday. There are many shops in Singapore like Catsandthefiddle which offer delectable and mouth-watering cakes made exactly as per your specifications. It is better if you know how to order and hence, take a look at the tips mentioned above. They would no doubt come in to be useful.



The best ways to find a family doctor in Singapore for your family

Finding a doctor that will be able to cater to the needs for you and your family can be very intimidating especially when you are in a foreign country. Due to the fact that you may not know your way around the area, you might find it difficult to find a competent doctor that will be able to handle your health needs.

A number of people who have visited Singapore have complained that the service they expected was not what they got. This may be true, because some doctors may not handle the all need of a particular patient, this all boils down to one question and that is- how can you find a competent family doctor while in Singapore?

One clinic that has good family doctors is that from Acumed Medical Group. They are located in many areas, and they have a clinic at Bedok. If you are serious about getting a good GP for your family, you should visit their site as linked above.

In 2011, the World Health Organization ranked Singapore’s health care system as well as infrastructure as the 6th in the world. What this therefore means is that there are good doctors and state of the art facilities in Singapore that will be able to cater to your family’s health needs.  For more info, do visit Acumed Medical blog.


Next, we are going to be looking at some ways you can find the best doctors in Singapore.

Ask around

This is one of the most effective ways to find a good doctor; all you have to do is to ask your friends, neighbors or workmate to recommend a competent doctor for you and your family. You also have the option of checking online forums and social media groups. Most of the time, the referrals you will get from these avenues are good too. While on these forums, you have to read all the comments there carefully so that you will be able to pick a doctor or a specialist that is recommended by a lot of people. Of course, you should have it at the back of your mind that what works for some persons might not be exactly what will suit your needs.

Your priorities

If you find a good doctor, but his opening or working hours doesn’t tally with yours, things are not going to work out. What this means therefore is that you should pick a doctor whose schedule tally’s with yours. Also, you have to keep it in mind that when you have an appointment with your doctor you might have to wait a while before he will attend to you.

The next thing you need to give preference to is the kind of practice you want at a large practice there are several doctors and you will be able to get an appointment very quickly. While at a small practice, you have the opportunity to develop a close and strong relationship with the single practitioner there. Considering the kind of practice that suits your needs and those of your family will go a long way in making a decision.

Presently there are a good number of clinics in Singapore that can handle your needs. One of the things you have to do is to do a little research.

Private or Public, which do you prefer?

In Singapore, you have the opportunity of choosing either a private or a public hospital.  In the private hospitals, you will get a lot more attention from doctors and they well get to know you on a personal level. In public hospitals, you will have access to a very good specialist that will be able to handle your health issue and that of your family. Also, they are cheaper, especially when compared to some private hospital. Singapore has a teaching hospital where they have the skill, expertise, and equipment to handle serious and sometimes rare cases.

Lastly, have it in mind that you can try out a new doctor, by making an appointment, so as to see if the doctor will be able to handle your needs.

Appling the tips in this article will help you find a doctor that will be able to handle your health needs.

08. YLC How To Choose A Suitable Primary School Maths Enrichment Programme In Singapore

From engineering to business administration, expertise in mathematics opens doors to a variety of successful careers. Additionally, proficiency in basic arithmetic is necessary to manage personal accounts and taxes. Given the importance of mathematics, the process of developing an excellent mathematical intelligence should start as early in life as possible. An education system should enable young children to think critically while solving problems in mathematics. Unfortunately, owing to their spontaneous nature, children below the age of ten experience significant hurdles while learning mathematics. Additionally, many children don’t find mathematics interesting.

The need for a teaching strategy that can develop not only a high level of mathematical intelligence but also a keen interest in mathematical applications in children is paramount. maths enrichment for primary school children is the answer to the difficulties faced by children while learning mathematics. Maths enrichment is a program that involves a wide variety of strategies devised to help children develop their mathematical aptitude. Benefiting kindergarten children and primary school children, a mathematics enrichment program implements teaching methods that use the innate curiosity and creativity of children to improve their mathematics skills.

In Singapore, a nation with a world renowned system of mathematics education, there are a number of maths enrichment centres and private child care centres that promise great improvements in the mathematical capabilities of children. How does a parent choose the right program from the variety of maths enrichment programs that are available?

While selecting a maths enrichment program for your child, it is crucial to remember to check what type of strategy is employed by the program to improve the mathematical aptitude of a child. Select a maths enrichment strategy that is compatible with the personality and the talents of your child. Three Maths enrichment programs are described in the rest of this article.

A high quality program developed by a preschool in accordance to the latest syllabus from the Ministry of Education, this maths enrichment program uses the ‘Matrix Method’, a teaching strategy that involves mastering all the basic concepts in mathematics.

Multi-Process Model (MPM)

The key principle of this maths enrichment program is to encourage self-learning in children. The approach to teaching is highly personalised and seeks to ensure that children have fun while learning mathematics.

E.nopi Maths System

Devised by Dr Young Joong Kang from South Korea in the 1970s, this style of teaching involves the teacher establishing a rapport with the student and understanding the learning requirements of each student. Students are taught how to master Self-learning and develop a meticulous approach to learning

Benefits of Math Enrichment Classes For Toddlers

The amount of competition in schools nowadays is very scary and if the child cannot keep up with this competition they have to undergo a lot of social ridicule and bulling from their classmates. Even if the teachers are able to control the children and not allow this to happen inside the school the child may have to face this somewhere outside school. The only way of preventing this is by making sure that you give your child the proper training and skills that they require to excel in math.

When talking about math enrichment for K2 level children many parents will feel that it is not the right age for them to start and that it may put a lot of pressure on the child at such a young age. However, many parents who have enrolled their child for math enrichment classes in later years have come to regret it as the child falls behind on their calculation skills as compared to a child who started in earlier years. Here is a list of benefits for math enrichment classes for toddlers.

The child gets a kick start on learning the basic concepts of numbering

They understand how numbering works and are able to count and also do very simple addition with smaller numbers

Children who start math enrichment at an earlier age have a better mental attitude towards math as a subject and this makes them more open to learning the more difficult topics

Math enrichment for k2 level student help them form a very strong basic foundation of the subject

Math enrichment classes focus on problem solving and critical thinking ability of the child

This not only makes solving of math problems easier but also helps the child make better decisions in day to day life.

 Math enrichment classes help the child become more confident and independent from a very young age. This helps them later in life.

Math enrichment classes help to form a passion for a subject within the child, this passion can also result in a career in that subject. This can cause a better future for the child.

Due to the above reasons it can be clearly seen that enrolling your child in a math enrichment class as early as K2 level has a direct link to the kind of future the child will have.

6 Famous Scientists and Inventors Who Struggled With Math

If you find math intimidating, you are not alone. In fact, some of the highly popular scientists and inventors also struggled with math. But you can overcome such obstacles and master the subject with the help of math enrichment Singapore. Let us have a look at some of the scientists and inventors who struggled with math. 

1. Michael Faraday

We all know that it was Michael Faraday who built the electric motor and the electric generator first  The rubber balloon was also his invention. We all owe a lot to him for the refrigerators we are using now because it was he who began the research on this technology. He also started throwing light on the mystery called “electromagnetism.” But despite all these inventions, he did not possess desirable levels of math skills. So, he was not able to back up some of his postulates with mathematics. 

2. Charles Darwin 

Darwin detested mathematics. Darwin himself admitted that he could not find any meaning even in the basic steps of algebra. Of course, he was impatient also in learning math, though he regretted in his later years why he did not take enough initiative for understanding some of the main principles of mathematics. 

3. Alexander Graham Bell

The love-hate relationship Alexander Graham Bell had with math is well known. Though he admitted that he enjoyed exercising his brain in solving mathematical problems, he was getting bored soon. So, he handled the problems carelessly and could not reach the stage of finding the final answers.

4. Thomas Edison

Edison famously said that he could aways “hire a mathematician.” Though he tried reading “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy” by Sir Issac Newton, he remarked that the book created a distaste for the subject. So, he had to hire mathematicians like Charles Proteus Steinmetz and Bay Stater Francis Upton for making calculations during his lab experiments.

5. Jack Horner

Jack Horner has been providing scientific consultancy for the Jurassic Park series. His success as a paleontologist must have certainly shocked and surprised his school teachers because his performance in school was very poor. His progress in writing, reading and also in mathematics was much below par. He could not reach the standard expected of him in algebra. He could not graduate and obtain a formal degree.

6. E.O. Wilson

Wilson is one of the top biologists who researched on ants. He has written several books on biology, evolution, conservation and philosophy. But his tryst with mathematics was tumultuous. He learned calculus at a very late age by sitting uncomfortably in the class. But according to him, mastering mathematics is possible at any age.

For attaining mastery in the subject, you can use math enrichment programs in Singapore.

Best Field Trips for Your Preschooler Kid

Experts opine that taking your kid to regular places like the backroom of a grocery store or to a dentist may work wonders for building his or her personality. Each fresh experience helps in expanding your kid’s vocabulary, as well as widening his knowledge. If you do proper advance planning, all the below-mentioned field trips will be much more than simply being like any other place for your preschooler kid. These field trips can help in teaching fresh words and concepts, which will always be ingrained in the memory of your kid.

Visit to veterinary clinic

A trip to a veterinary clinic can offer an excellent chance to discuss various kinds of pets, as well as ways of taking proper care of these animals. When you get in touch with a vet, inform them that your kid learning in the pre school in Singapore is enthusiastic about animals . You can request for a tour when the clinic is not busy. To enrich the experience for your kid, you can ask the vet tech or the vet to show an X-ray machine to your kid or make your kid hear the heartbeats of an animal through the stethoscope. The veterinary surgeon can also discuss why exercise is so important for pets along with good nutrition. They can also teach your kids new words in their vocabulary like prescription and surgery.

Kitchen of a pizza parlor

There are several big pizzeria brands who offer educational trips. However, you can get in touch with the local pizzeria to find out whether you can visit them with your kid. When your little one sees the kitchen of a restaurant with its huge freezer and giant-sized bowls and big ovens, it will increase the curiosity of your preschooler kid. She may start contemplating how they prepare the food in the restaurant.

To ensure the safety of your pre school kid, make sure that your child wears closed shoes and if she has long hair, it should be pulled back well. Also, guide her that she should not touch things while on the tour. Motivate your kid to ask questions during the visit like what is the use of kitchen tools? When the chin is heated, what happens to it? Why is dough thrown in the air by the kitchen staff? This field trip can be replicated by visiting an ice-cream parlor, chocolate shop or a bakery, whichever caters to the interests of your child.

Visit an auto-repair outlet

When you have to visit an auto-repair shop for tuning up, you can request your mechanic in advance whether he is averse to taking your preschooler kid around. Your kid will get an opportunity to learn a lot about robotics and engineering when he sees the hydraulic lift raise your car or watches a machine for mounting tires.

Raise a Kid Who Loves the Earth

Most children nowadays spend very little time in the outdoors or in the open air. They are always cooped up at home with either a tab or watching television instead of reaping the benefits of fresh air outside. It is important for parents to encourage the kids to play outdoors and here are a few ways to do the same.

Play in the yard

The yard is the closest you can get to nature without having to go on a trek. Allow the child to play in the dirt, catch insects or at least observe them through a magnifying glass. Planning a scavenger hunt for things that you can find around the yard is a great way to make the whole family spend time outdoors.

Enjoy the rain

Kids enjoy water, so just letting them splash around and enjoy the different scenes after the rain is a great adventure for them. By just asking them to observe certain features and changes that occur after the rains, it can be a very good learning experience for the child and they will not even know they were tricked into learning.

Go on a hike

What better way to teach the child to love nature than to take them for a hike? Any kid-friendly trail is perfect for a stroll through nature and it also helps to develop family bonds without any distractions. Point out pretty sites and teach the child to be inquisitive in nature.

Visit a nature centre

Nature centres usually have kid-friendly activities and also easy to understand displays. When the child is allowed to interact with the displays, they learn to appreciate it.

Plant something

Involve the children in light gardening. Get them to plant something that is easy to maintain and give them the responsibility of caring and watering it. Watching the plant grow will instil a sense of achievement.

Climb a tree

Playing on a jungle gym is just not the same as climbing a tree. As long as the child is safe and within your line of sight, let them make their own way and choose which branch they will use to climb.


Once you have successfully made the child interested in nature, take the child camping. Being completely immersed in the wonders of nature is a sure shot way to cement the love for nature that is instilled in them.

Many infant care centres in Singapore can also help in a way by promoting outdoor activities in preschools and day cares.

How do you select the best preschool curriculum?

Selecting the best preschool curriculum can be a difficult task. According to studies, it is found that the education of preschool has a deep impact on the development of a child as it will decide how he or she will perform later on in life. Thus it is very important to select an appropriate curriculum for your child. The following steps can guide you in choosing the best preschool curriculum.

Enquire about informal and formal learning:-

Informal learning is essential for the early development of a child. You should ask the teachers whether they allow for imaginative play like story telling, where children can describe their own stories. You must enquire about the physical games such as running, ball games, etc. Formal learning is also vital for a child so that he or she can learn number counting and the alphabet.

Ask whether the philosophy of the school aligns with home values:-

You must make sure that there should be a defined learning style both at the preschool and at home in order to avoid conflict in the growth of a child. You must choose the philosophy that matches the interest of your child.

Notice how teachers interact with kids:-

When you go to visit preschool in Singapore, you must observe how the teacher and children interact with each other. If kids feel fear of the teachers then you should not select that nursery school. You can also ask about the strategy for child aggression like biting and hitting.

Safety policy:-

It is one of the most important things that you should look for. The teachers of the preschool must ensure that each child is picked up by his or her parent at the end of a day. You can also ask the staff how they handle medical issues and if they have proper first-aid kit.

Design of the curriculum:-

The design of the curriculum of nursery school must be made interesting so that kids can have great fun while learning new things. The art and craft activities must be included in the curriculum as this will make the child happy and he will be able to learn fast enough.

You can consider Montessori curriculum for your child as it is one of the best preschool curriculums. Your child will become responsible by following this curriculum. He will learn many things such as how to tie his shoes, why it is necessary to clean the surrounding area, etc. The preschool activities will also encourage the kids to express themselves verbally. The sensory awareness education will also be provided to children. The hands-on techniques are used for teaching geometry and mathematics.

You should also make sure that the teachers of preschools in Singapore are well-certified and have many years of experience before making a final decision. There are many kids who need complete attention of the teachers so preschool should have a low teacher student ratio. A preschool must prepare your child for the exams of elementary school and also develop many skills in him or her.

Why your child should join playgroup Singapore?

Playgroup plays great role in developing future of a child. Your child will learn many things by joining a playgroup in Singapore. He will also be prepared for the test to be given at the start of elementary school. According to a recent study, the children who have joined playgroup have a higher education rate in comparison to those who have direct admission to elementary school without prior schooling. There are other reasons also for attending playgroup such as:

Basic knowledge:-

The child will learn many basic things when he or she participates in many co-curricular activities. Children will get to know about various colors and shapes by finger painting tasks and puzzles. Your child will also be taught language and cognitive skills in story time. The block counting will introduce your child to numbers while the singing activity will introduce him or her to alphabets and numbers.

Generate motor skills:-

High-quality playgroups in Singapore will develop motor skills in your child by arranging various physical activities like running, climbing, etc. Their balance and physical growth will also be improved when children engage themselves in interactive games. There will also be development in hand-eye coordination of your child when he involves himself in bead threading tasks and scissor cutting.

Gain social values:-

The playgroup activities will also inculcate social values among the children. They will learn about the quality of team spirit when they work together in drawing something. Discipline traits will also be developed in them when they follow the given instructions and wait for their turn. If your child is shy then you must send him or her to playgroup in order to overcome introvert tendencies.

Develop creativity:-

The teachers of the playgroup design many artistic and crafty activities for the children in order to construct their creative minds. There are many children who feel reluctant in doing creative things at home due to the fear of being scolded by their parents but they have the freedom of doing anything at the playgroup in their own way.

Preparing your child for kindergarten:-

For every child, the atmosphere of a kindergarten is an all together new experience and often many children face a lack of acceptance in the first few days. Teachers are specially trained to handle this kind of behavior and help young children to adapt to the new environment in a comfortable manner.

How your child can be easily adjusted in playgroup

Like minded companion:-

When your child meets with other children of same age, he or she will not find any difficulty in adjusting in playgroup. The children will have a lot of fun with their peers. Their self-confidence will also be built up among them.


There will also be different types of soft toys in the playgroup so that the children can play with it. You can also request the teachers for allowing your child to bring his or her favorite toy for playing. It will make your child feel more at home.

The Need to Have a Pet Around Kids

A pet can do lots of things for your child –€“ he can act like a furry friend, a true companion, partner to do childhood crime and a cuddle buddy. Most of the kids enjoy the warmth and companionship offered by pets and it is well proven that these creatures are the most trustworthy friends of human beings. Other than companionship, a pet can offer so many important benefits related to the overall development of kid as it encourages their engagement in emotional, social and physical growth.

Although pets are really important for kids at your house, at the same time, they are additional work for parents. Nonetheless, parents need to make the right decisions whether they wish to see their kids growing with animals or not. But after looking at the evidence from a Singapore kindergarten, it was observed that a pet has lots of things to teach to your little champ like loyalty, intelligence, love, emotions, responsibility and many more.

Here are the top reasons for raising kids with animal companionship:

Kids that stay around animals are less likely to suffer from common health risks like asthma and allergies, etc. A recent study shows that kids that grow up with a dog in the first year of their life are less likely to suffer with respiratory tract type infections whereas for others the chances are double.

Usually with the advancement in technology now, you rarely find kids playing outdoors. However, having pets at home can become one of the major reasons for sending kids out for playing and they will surely have fun together.

When children play with pets, it helps them to lower their blood pressure and it is much better for kids who are suffering from autism, ADHD or other spectrum type disorders. Experts suggest making efforts for kid’€™s participation in most therapy dog programs.

Cuddling with pets help kids reduce anxiety, loneliness and stress. Ultimately, they are able to develop more social skills as well as a higher level of self esteem.

Pets act like an active audience for kids when they try to act like a public speaker, magician, musician, actor or dancer, etc. A pet can always help them feel comfortable and confident about whatever they are doing while playing.

Sharing care and love with pets teaches kids to act with a strong bond of relationship to other family members too. It makes them friendlier with siblings and parents as well.

Regular interactions with pets help kids to boost their empathy, as well as compassion.

Development of a habit to care and feed for animals help kids learn some childhood responsibilities and it is really good to give a boost to social behaviour.

There are so many health-related and emotional benefits of having a pet at home during the growing stage of your kids as these lovely creatures can teach so many things to your child that even you will not find time to teach.

Why is it Important to Teach Native Languages to Your Bilingual Child

Nowadays, many children are settled in foreign countries due to their parent’s occupation. One of the biggest problems in this case is to find a reputed school with a native language curriculum. Even if you are sending your child to a foreign language school, it is important to teach the mother tongue to make him/her efficient in the language. In Singapore, Mandarin playgroup activities are gaining widespread popularity owing to one or more of the following reasons.

Lays the Foundation of Language Growth in Children

The native language lays the foundation learning and understanding from an early age. Your child grows up following instructions at home much before he steps into the community. He/she constantly listening to the parents talking in the mother tongue. This makes him/her familiar with the terms and vocabulary. If you give instructions in this language, it will be easy for the child to follow it.

Good Exposure to Own Culture and Rituals

If your child is learning a foreign language in school, he/she is slowly getting associated with the foreign culture and practices. While it is good to know about various cultures and traditions, it is equally significant to keep your child bound to his/her own roots. Everyone should know about his own traditional values and cultural practices.

Raises the Ability to Read Books and Dialects

If you belong to a Chinese background, the child should know Mandarin well. When he/she grows up learning the language as fun at a Mandarin playgroup, it will lay the foundation of the education process. Later in life, this language acquaintance will help him in reading text books in the native language, speak to others who are not familiar with foreign languages, etc.

Speak in Mother Tongue While Talking to Your Child

The professional language educators have been advising the parents for ages to communicate with their children in their native language. In order to boost strong language learning skills from an early age, the parents should speak the native language that comes in good quality and quantity. Pure communication in native language eliminates confusion in understanding and helps make concepts clearer.

Time Allocation and Management for Teaching Native Language

Knowing a language properly is not restricted to speaking proficiently. Your child needs to read and write in the native vernacular with equal proficiency. This is a time-consuming task. One of the best ways is to take your child to native playgroup regularly. The ideal time is during the weekends when there is very little pressure of academic studies. The child will enjoy the company of other kids speaking in the same language, complete tasks in a group, learn reading and writing in Chinese dialects while they play, etc.

It is not tough to raise bilingual kids in foreign countries. These children possess great learning ability and the language problem is not an issue of confusion. In fact, the language growth based on learning something in mother tongue will actually help in the development of communicative skills, language growth, etc. Sending your child to a preschool with Mandarin playgroup events can solve your problem of teaching everything from the scratch at home.

Best Kid’s Room Décor Ideas

There is no doubt that kids love to spend time in their bedroom; they enjoy sleeping, playing and working there in their personal space. So it becomes the responsibility of the parents to make this room a reflection of their little champ’€™s personality and the best idea to achieve this is by adding effort on room décor. When rooms are decorated in some creative manner, the kids will not take much time to get lost in this lovely world.

According to many experts, the first requirements of a kid’€™s room is that the idea of décor must be related to comfort, fun-oriented, practical and of course stylish too. The selection of children room design must be suitable from toddlers to teens and all the age groups between that.

When you start thinking about your kid’€™s room décor, the most important thing is to release the kid inside you and let your mind think beyond the boundaries. Childhood use to be full of colours so it is good to have a room that is full of wonderful, eye-catching colourful designs with playful details. A sweet comfortable bedding and study table can be counted in essentials whereas some space to keep favourite toys of your kid must be decided. A huge space must be available to let them play without restrictions and some stylish boxes must be provided to keep all things safe while avoiding clutter.

One must try hard to find the right colour balance for walls and furniture. It is good to focus on soft tones. Funny wallpaper will look attractive on the front wall with some eye catching prints on side corners. Ensure that the height of closets and other storage spaces is easily accessible to your little kid and the most interesting thing that can be added is a paint board where your kid can freely play with colours. Try to paint the ceiling with stars and the moon so that your child will feel like they’re in space while sleeping in the night and he/she will definitely love to turn lights off at night so that all the stars can come closer and they can dream together.

You can easily find some wall tattoos online as well as offline and they can help you to make walls more decorative like the walls of a Chinese kindergarten. If your child loves to do creative things, then keep some postcards and pictures in his closets so that he can create some wonders with his innovative mind. Make sure that you have added lights of multiple colours to your kid’€™s room to make it more attractive and at the same time, you have a bright study lamp that can light up the study table. Some games can be installed to kid’s room but parents need to keep an eye on their timing schedule for studies as well as gaming hours. When everything is added, never forget to ensure a specific place for the dustbin and teach your child to use it whenever needed; it will help to develop good habits from childhood.

Basic Tips For Finding The Best Minced Meat Noodle

Bak chor mee is a popular Singaporean meal that you can find in a variety of food stalls. The meal is easy to prepare, nutritious and also quite tasty. Because the food industry has advanced and experts are doing more than simply following recipe procedures by the book, it would be in your best interests to do a bit of research in order to have a good chance of finding professionals who could test your taste buds. If you have a yearning for properly prepared minced meat noodle, there are numerous competent chefs who could positively surprise you.

Choose the right stall to have a meal from the many that are available within your area requires some thought It will all depend on your needs and preferences. Experts are different in their food preparation procedures and while some stick to the old ways of preparing a pot that has more soup than noodles, others have found interesting ways of finding that perfect balance between the used ingredients.

The internet is an excellent platform where you could base your research. There are numerous stalls that have websites and blogs where you could find more information about their values in regards to food preparation. You could also find pictures of some of their works in relation to preparing the signature meal of Singapore Bak chor mee.

Competent experts will take the time to impressively prepare their menus. They will also spend more time ensuring that their table and plate presentation is impeccable. One of the things that could see you lose an appetite is a messy presentation of food.

The right stalls will have the ideal ambiance and by extension ensure that their clients would have the ultimate dining experience. They will also have a suitable system that ensures that customers do not wait in the queue for too long. Check out the client reviews of prospective stalls could enable you to find those that have streamlined their operations in order to offer not only finger licking meals, but also the finest customer service.

During your research, the aspect of hygiene is one that you cannot afford to overlook. There is a need to see to it that you choose stalls where matters of cleanliness and proper hygiene are not taken lightly. If the seating area of the clients is dirty, then perhaps it is a good thing that you cannot see the kitchen area.