Basic Tips For Finding The Best Minced Meat Noodle

Bak chor mee is a popular Singaporean meal that you can find in a variety of food stalls. The meal is easy to prepare, nutritious and also quite tasty. Because the food industry has advanced and experts are doing more than simply following recipe procedures by the book, it would be in your best interests to do a bit of research in order to have a good chance of finding professionals who could test your taste buds. If you have a yearning for properly prepared minced meat noodle, there are numerous competent chefs who could positively surprise you.

Choose the right stall to have a meal from the many that are available within your area requires some thought It will all depend on your needs and preferences. Experts are different in their food preparation procedures and while some stick to the old ways of preparing a pot that has more soup than noodles, others have found interesting ways of finding that perfect balance between the used ingredients.

The internet is an excellent platform where you could base your research. There are numerous stalls that have websites and blogs where you could find more information about their values in regards to food preparation. You could also find pictures of some of their works in relation to preparing the signature meal of Singapore Bak chor mee.

Competent experts will take the time to impressively prepare their menus. They will also spend more time ensuring that their table and plate presentation is impeccable. One of the things that could see you lose an appetite is a messy presentation of food.

The right stalls will have the ideal ambiance and by extension ensure that their clients would have the ultimate dining experience. They will also have a suitable system that ensures that customers do not wait in the queue for too long. Check out the client reviews of prospective stalls could enable you to find those that have streamlined their operations in order to offer not only finger licking meals, but also the finest customer service.

During your research, the aspect of hygiene is one that you cannot afford to overlook. There is a need to see to it that you choose stalls where matters of cleanliness and proper hygiene are not taken lightly. If the seating area of the clients is dirty, then perhaps it is a good thing that you cannot see the kitchen area.

Airport Trips Made Plane Easy

If you want to get to the airport as comfortably as you expect to fly wherever it is you’re going, door to door airport shuttle services provide an efficient and reliable service. Likewise if you’ve just flown in from somewhere and you want a hassle-free ride to a nice shower and a comfortable bed. In Melbourne, door to door airport shuttle operators offer services to and from Melbourne Airport to various points in the city at regular intervals throughout the day. So you won’t have to be waiting around long.

Ease of planning

Simply make bookings by calling customer services or book online on the operator’s website. Most operators will also have information advertised in visible areas in the airport terminals. Some even provide free phone facilities from select locations in the terminals. Customer service lines should be open from early morning to past midnight. Staff will readily provide all information or directions that you need.

Professional service

Shuttles are driven by professionally trained drivers with a good knowledge of the city. This means that you’ll have a safe ride and a driver who knows where to drop you off or pick you up from with minimum confusion. Shuttles are a good option if you want friendly, clean and timely service.

Accessibility and convenience

Pickup and drop locations, starting from the international airport, are in various hotels, apartments, universities, hospitals, train stations and other locations in the city as well as the suburbs. With so many locations, it becomes very convenient for travellers to catch the shuttle, load their big luggage in the luggage compartment, find a seat, and relax till they reach their destination. No stress, just an easy and comfortable ride.

Time efficient

As long as traffic conditions are not adverse and there are no unforeseen disruptions, shuttle services will reach the airport in and around an hour from pickup time. There are shuttles going up and down at regular intervals providing a lot of flexibility. Customer service will be able to provide you with optimal choices for boarding so as to arrive at your destination, whether it is the airport or your home/hotel, in time.


Airport shuttle services provide quality service at reasonable rates. If your trip is well-planned, buying return tickets is the better option as it is more economical to do so. Ticket fares for children will be one flat rate for one way and another for return irrespective of the distance of travel.

Working Lunch for Professionals in Singapore

Those who are on the run every day know the importance of a quick, healthy meal. While you don’t have a lot a time to spare to get something to eat, at the same time you don’t want to make a habit out of eating greasy and unhealthy. Coming to your rescue are these five quick lunch weekday lunch buffet in Singapore where the food is packed with goodness and the service is quick.

1. Cherry Garden: Serving Chinese food, this place has the most well trained staff. The food is consistent in taste and quality. Slurp down a bowl of double boiled soups or lobsters baked in spicy sauce. If you feel ravenous but are short on time, for $48 you get the Lily set that is delivered within 45 minutes flat. The restaurant is open till 2.30pm for lunch on weekdays.

2. Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar: For all your Italian food cravings, this crusader for homemade tagliatele and mascarpone cheese, offers a set menu lunch consisting of a starter, mains and dessert all for $39. The menu changes every week. The lunch hours are from noon to 3pm from Monday to Saturday.

3. Jaan: The French serving restaurant has two options: a three course meal and a five course meal. A good option for a business lunch, the dishes served here is authentic and true to its name. The foie gras, ballotine of quail and saba fillet with smoked ratte potato are a must try. For dessert they have treats like Bounty Gourmandise which is a mixture of coconut mousse, milk chocolate ganache and passionfruit heart. The working hours for lunch are from noon to 3pm, Monday to Saturday.

4. Han: Serving the best from the Japanese cuisine, Han specializes in deep fried skewers (kushikatsu). The set menu includes seven sticks, all for a reasonable price. The menu sometimes varies with seasons to include special ingredients or exotic meat like mushroom with cream cheese and Korobuta pork. Lunch is served from noon to 3 pm, Monday to Saturday.

5. OCF: Authentic French food is served by the trained chef Jonathan Koh. You can expect starter like Brittany squid, Encornet, Black rice cremeux, and mussel vinaigrette. The mains boast of dry aged American prime striploin and parsnip puree. If not for the food, the ambiance is a must experience. The wine list is also elaborate with a focus on French tipples. An ideal place for business meetings, the charming limited seating, and river over-looking eatery is open for lunch till 2.30 pm from Monday to Friday.

Bay Hotel is also a worthy mention. They provide all sorts of lunch options. Check