Best Toy Storage Ideas for Your Home

child playing with toy cars

Parents know how difficult it is to maintain a neat house with toys all over the place. Not only are they a sore sight, but they are also accident hazards. How often have you stepped on a Lego piece and yelped in pain? If you have a toddler and an infant, the risk is even higher because you could easily fall after stepping on a toy while carrying your infant. Having creative toy storage solutions will not only make your life easier, but your home will be neater too. As a bonus, you could easily train your child about personal responsibility by putting back the toys after use. 

In the following article, Julie Evans offers some of the best toy storage solutions for your home. 

Tips on where to store toys

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“Kids can take down the toys they want, then put them back (in theory anyway), and they can be cleaned easily.” Read more here

When you visit an online store, you’ll be amazed by the toy organizers available. Considering children get toys of different sizes and shapes, you may choose to get one that allows you to store the toys neatly. Alternatively, you can get a storage space that easily accommodates all the toys and is easily accessible to the kids should they need a particular toy. You can even get a toy organizer that fits the decor in your home, so you don’t feel like it is ruining your space. 

Candace Davison, in the next article, gives toy storage ideas that are not only handy, but they make cleaning easier as well. 

Toy storage ideas for a neat finish

“Kids’ toys can seem like Gremlins, only you don’t have to douse them in water to see them magically multiply and take over every surface of your home. Keeping them corralled can feel like a Sisyphean task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right toy storage, you’ll be tripping over L.O.L. Dolls and LEGO blocks less and enjoying clutter-free areas of your home (at least a little) more. Sound too good to be true? Hear us out, as we show you the perfect toy organizer to suit your kids’ needs.” Read more here

It is hard to stop buying toys for kids. Even when you decide they have enough, you somehow find yourself getting one more every time you see something they would like. After all, many kids lose interest with their old toys once in a while and are always seeking something new to excite them. Before long, your home will be overrun by toys, and they all seem important at one time or another so you can’t keep them away permanently. Getting the right toy storage will help keep you sane, leave your home neater more often, and allow the kids to have access to the toys they want at any given time. 

The following article by Emily Platt discusses various attractive storage options for toys. 

How to choose storage for toys

“All parents can attest: children acquire a lot of stuff. So the question becomes, where to put it all? Not only does having heaps of toys scattered around the room clash with your home decor, it can also pose some safety concerns. (Yep, stepping on stray Legos really hurts that much.) Sick of tripping over your little one’s playthings? We’ve come to the rescue with toy storage ideas for every area of your home, indoors and out. Below, shop the best kids’ toy storage. These vessels will hold everything you need and look great doing it.” Read more here  

When choosing toy storage, you can opt for a standard functional toy storage or something more elaborate. Most toy stores and supermarkets in Singapore have attractive and toy-like storage organizers designed to encourage children to store their toys. You can also select the storage that suits your style, depending on the colour, shape or even the material used to make it. 

Storing toys can sometimes be tedious, especially since you may have to do it several times a day. However, you can have an enjoyable time shopping for the perfect toy storage. Consider the possibility of you acquiring more toys when choosing the perfect size because you don’t want to get an item that will prove too small in a little while. The toy storage, if durable, can serve you for years, so it is best to get one you are likely to enjoy having years from today.