What Exactly Does Rash Cream Do?

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What Is Diaper Rash?

Diaper rash is a skin condition that is common among newborns and older babies. If your baby is experiencing it, you likely may have visited a paediatrician to find out the root cause and the best solution for the issue. 

Rash cream is by far the most effective remedy for diaper rash. This is likely why many paediatricians in Singapore recommend it. 

As a curious mom, you may want to learn as much as you can about a skincare product before applying it to your newborn. 

This article sheds light on basically everything you need to know about the use and function of rash cream.  

Before we dive into the core of this article, we will take a close look at two main types of diaper rash. 

Types Of Diaper Rash

Fungal Diaper Rash 

This is a common diaper rash that is caused by a fungal infection. This type of rash may occur when the bottom is exposed to moisture (from excrements). Fungal grow in the wet areas and give the skin a beeflike look. 

Irritated Skin 

Skin irritation can also cause diaper rash. As your baby moves around during the day, the diaper will move back and forth. This friction may cause irritation and the development of rashes in the bottom area. 

What Does Rash Cream Do? 

As mentioned above, rashes occur when the bottom is irritated by moisture, excrement, or diaper. 

Diaper creams help prevents rash from occurring by creating a barrier between the skin and moisture like urine that can cause irritation. 

The cream lubricates the skin. This, thus, helps to reduce friction even when the baby is moving around.

Should You Use Rash Cream Each Time You Are Changing Your Baby?  

Many Singaporean parents have a habit of applying rash cream each time they change their baby’s diaper. Others only use rash creams when they notice a rash on their baby’s bottom. 

Well, the truth is that both approaches are good. So regardless of the one you choose, your baby is going to be rash-free. 

Types of rash creams

In the Singaporean market, you will find two main types of rash cream. Below is an overview of what they are all about. 

Steroid Ointment 

This is best used for rashes that occur because of an allergic reaction or skin issues like psoriasis and eczema. It is wise you take your baby to a doctor if you notice this type of rash. 

Antifungal Ointment 

This cream is made to help address rash caused by fungal growth. Antifungal rash creams are available in different variations. After examining your baby’s rash, your doctor will determine the right one for your baby. 

Final Note 

Rash cream is by far the best remedy for diaper rash. Since there are different types of it, you should narrow down the cause of your baby’s rash before making a final decision. If your baby’s rash is really serious, you should consult an expert before using any product. Click here to learn more about baby rash cream available in Singapore.