6 Famous Scientists and Inventors Who Struggled With Math

If you find math intimidating, you are not alone. In fact, some of the highly popular scientists and inventors also struggled with math. But you can overcome such obstacles and master the subject with the help of math enrichment Singapore. Let us have a look at some of the scientists and inventors who struggled with math. 

1. Michael Faraday

We all know that it was Michael Faraday who built the electric motor and the electric generator first  The rubber balloon was also his invention. We all owe a lot to him for the refrigerators we are using now because it was he who began the research on this technology. He also started throwing light on the mystery called “electromagnetism.” But despite all these inventions, he did not possess desirable levels of math skills. So, he was not able to back up some of his postulates with mathematics. 

2. Charles Darwin 

Darwin detested mathematics. Darwin himself admitted that he could not find any meaning even in the basic steps of algebra. Of course, he was impatient also in learning math, though he regretted in his later years why he did not take enough initiative for understanding some of the main principles of mathematics. 

3. Alexander Graham Bell

The love-hate relationship Alexander Graham Bell had with math is well known. Though he admitted that he enjoyed exercising his brain in solving mathematical problems, he was getting bored soon. So, he handled the problems carelessly and could not reach the stage of finding the final answers.

4. Thomas Edison

Edison famously said that he could aways “hire a mathematician.” Though he tried reading “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy” by Sir Issac Newton, he remarked that the book created a distaste for the subject. So, he had to hire mathematicians like Charles Proteus Steinmetz and Bay Stater Francis Upton for making calculations during his lab experiments.

5. Jack Horner

Jack Horner has been providing scientific consultancy for the Jurassic Park series. His success as a paleontologist must have certainly shocked and surprised his school teachers because his performance in school was very poor. His progress in writing, reading and also in mathematics was much below par. He could not reach the standard expected of him in algebra. He could not graduate and obtain a formal degree.

6. E.O. Wilson

Wilson is one of the top biologists who researched on ants. He has written several books on biology, evolution, conservation and philosophy. But his tryst with mathematics was tumultuous. He learned calculus at a very late age by sitting uncomfortably in the class. But according to him, mastering mathematics is possible at any age.

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