Best Field Trips for Your Preschooler Kid

Experts opine that taking your kid to regular places like the backroom of a grocery store or to a dentist may work wonders for building his or her personality. Each fresh experience helps in expanding your kid’s vocabulary, as well as widening his knowledge. If you do proper advance planning, all the below-mentioned field trips will be much more than simply being like any other place for your preschooler kid. These field trips can help in teaching fresh words and concepts, which will always be ingrained in the memory of your kid.

Visit to veterinary clinic

A trip to a veterinary clinic can offer an excellent chance to discuss various kinds of pets, as well as ways of taking proper care of these animals. When you get in touch with a vet, inform them that your kid learning in the pre school in Singapore is enthusiastic about animals . You can request for a tour when the clinic is not busy. To enrich the experience for your kid, you can ask the vet tech or the vet to show an X-ray machine to your kid or make your kid hear the heartbeats of an animal through the stethoscope. The veterinary surgeon can also discuss why exercise is so important for pets along with good nutrition. They can also teach your kids new words in their vocabulary like prescription and surgery.

Kitchen of a pizza parlor

There are several big pizzeria brands who offer educational trips. However, you can get in touch with the local pizzeria to find out whether you can visit them with your kid. When your little one sees the kitchen of a restaurant with its huge freezer and giant-sized bowls and big ovens, it will increase the curiosity of your preschooler kid. She may start contemplating how they prepare the food in the restaurant.

To ensure the safety of your pre school kid, make sure that your child wears closed shoes and if she has long hair, it should be pulled back well. Also, guide her that she should not touch things while on the tour. Motivate your kid to ask questions during the visit like what is the use of kitchen tools? When the chin is heated, what happens to it? Why is dough thrown in the air by the kitchen staff? This field trip can be replicated by visiting an ice-cream parlor, chocolate shop or a bakery, whichever caters to the interests of your child.

Visit an auto-repair outlet

When you have to visit an auto-repair shop for tuning up, you can request your mechanic in advance whether he is averse to taking your preschooler kid around. Your kid will get an opportunity to learn a lot about robotics and engineering when he sees the hydraulic lift raise your car or watches a machine for mounting tires.

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