A Definitive Guide To Using Baby Lotion On Newborns

Baby's feet on mom's hand

Why Smooth Skin Is Important For Babies.

Let’s face it, taking care of a baby isn’t easy. From putting them to sleep to figure out what they need, there are always going to be a lot on your plate. 

To ensure that your little one has smooth and soft skin, you need to use the right skin product. 

Presently, many paediatricians recommend baby lotions because they can effectively address the needs of the sensitive skin of babies. Even more, they can help prevent infection and dryness. 

Figuring out the right way to use baby lotion on your newborn may be difficult for you, especially if you are a first-time parent. If you are in this boat, this article is for you. Read on to learn how to use baby lotion. 

Before we dive right into that, we are first going to find out why Singaporean parents should choose baby lotion over other skincare products. 

Why Choose Baby Lotions 

Granted, there are a lot of products that promise to moisturize the skin of babies and prevent some skin issues. But only a few can actually deliver. 

Baby lotion is by far a better option because it is made specifically for babies. What’s more, it is clinically tested. 

How To Use Baby Lotion 

Using baby lotion isn’t as difficult as you think; all you need do is follow the steps below. 

Step 1 

Give Your Baby A Bath 

All you have to do here is to give your baby a bath. Experts recommend bathing a baby 2 to 3 times daily with lukewarm water. 

Be sure to use a baby soap from a reputable brand to bathe your baby. Be careful not to allow soap or water into the eyes and mouth of your baby. 

Step 2 

Pat Dry 

Use a soft clean towel to dry the skin of your baby. Expert recommends using cotton cloth or towel because they absorb moisture easily and don’t irritate the skin.  

Step 3 

Applying The Lotion 

 If you are sure the skin of your baby is dry, you can start applying baby lotion. Gently apply the lotion on the skin of your baby and massage it in. Massage in a circular motion to help ensure that the skin absorbs the nutrient-rich lotion. 

5 Things You Must Know Before Using Baby Lotion

Ensure Your Hands Are Clean 

Before applying baby lotion on your little one, you should wash your hand thoroughly. 

Trim Your Nails 

As previously mentioned, the skin of babies is delicate. So if you don’t trim your fingernails before applying lotion on the skin of your baby, chances are, you may scratch or even injure their skin. 

Use Only One Product. 

As you likely know, there are so many baby lotions in the Singaporean market. After purchasing the one recommended by your paediatrician, you should stick to it. 

Using two or more lotions can damage the delicate skin of your baby. And, if for some reason you want to switch to another product, you should consult a paediatrician before making a final decision. 

Final Note 

Baby sensitive skin lotions are excellent products that can help improve the smoothness and softness of your baby’s skin without causing any skin issues. Following the tips discussed in this article will help ensure that you apply them correctly. Don’t hesitate to contact your doctor if you have questions about applying or choosing baby lotions.