9 Tips On What To Wear For a Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity lady outdoor photoshoot on the beach

How Do You Prepare For A Maternity Photoshoot?

  1. Choose a comfortable outfit
  2. Wear Fitting and plain undergarments
  3. Pick an outfit that shows your baby bump
  4. Choose an outfit that flatters your body
  5. Wear a tube bra or top
  6. Wear clothes with lots of volumes
  7. Carry 2-3 outfits 
  8. Avoid clothes with stripes or large prints. 
  9. Choose a dress with a front opening

1. Choose a Comfortable Outfit.

Most maternity photoshoots in Singapore take place in the third trimester. This is an exciting time for most expectant mothers because they are approaching the end of the pregnancy journey. However, it is the period when nothing seems to fit. 

Maternity clothes that were fitting perfectly a few weeks ago are suddenly ill-fitting. Even the dress you thought ideal for the pregnancy photoshoot might no longer be as flattering as it once was. 

It is best to plan what you will wear closer to the date you have set aside for the maternity photoshoot in Singapore. 

If you’re having an outdoor maternity photoshoot, you should choose an outfit suitable for the weather. Most expectant mothers also tend to feel hotter during the third trimester, so you also need to consider this when picking your maternity photoshoot wear. 

2. Fitting and Plain Undergarments.

Even though it may not look like it, your undergarments play an important role in your overall appearance and comfort. Well-fitting underwear will help bring out your curves, especially when taking poses that draw attention to your curves. 

You should avoid underwear with flowers as they may take attention away from your outfit and tummy, especially when wearing a see-through gown.

3. An Outfit That Shows Your Baby Bump.

The whole purpose of the maternity photoshoot is your pregnancy. Flaunt it in a dress that reveals your baby bump. The dress doesn’t have to be tight. It can be loose-fitting. Your photographer may guide you on the different poses you can take to make your tummy stand out.

4. Choose an Outfit That Flatters Your Body.

The maternity photoshoot is not just about your baby bump. It is a physical reminder of your journey, your body transformation, and the excitement you feel as you await your bundle of joy. 

The outfit you choose can reveal all the emotions you feel. However, you will feel even better about the maternity photoshoot Singapore if you pick a style that flatters your body. 

5. Wear a Tube Bra or Top.

Tube tops and bras are a great addition to your maternity photoshoot wear. Regular bras, especially if you are a few cups bigger, tend to draw attention to your bust. Since your tummy is the main focus, the tube top will provide adequate support and enhance your curves.

6. Wear Clothes With Volume.

You have probably seen more people using gowns with lots of frills. These outfits are great because they hide imperfections and add elegance to your photoshoot. Even though it has volume, such an outfit can still reveal your pregnancy, depending on the pose. 

7. Carry 2-3 Outfits.

As you prepare for the maternity photoshoot, you should plan to carry at least 2-3 outfits. You may not need to change into all of them if you are not up to it. However, having multiple outfits gives you greater flexibility on what to wear. Additionally, if you get uncomfortable with your outfit, you can change into something else. 

8. Avoid Outfits with Stripes or Large Prints. 

Clothes with stripes or large prints tend to make expectant mothers look bigger. When taking pregnancy shots, you want to wear clothes that enhance your appearance. If you wear clothes that make you look bigger, you may not enjoy displaying the photos. 

9. Choose a Dress With a Front Opening

Dresses with a front opening give greater flexibility when it comes to pregnancy poses. You can open the slit if you want to reveal your baby bump. You can also hold the dress in various ways as you take different poses. 


Many maternity photoshoot studios in Singapore rent out some great maternity wear for the shoot. Find out if this is an option. If not, you can still look great when you follow these maternity wear tips for your photoshoot.