Why your child should join playgroup Singapore?

Playgroup plays great role in developing future of a child. Your child will learn many things by joining a playgroup in Singapore. He will also be prepared for the test to be given at the start of elementary school. According to a recent study, the children who have joined playgroup have a higher education rate in comparison to those who have direct admission to elementary school without prior schooling. There are other reasons also for attending playgroup such as:

Basic knowledge:-

The child will learn many basic things when he or she participates in many co-curricular activities. Children will get to know about various colors and shapes by finger painting tasks and puzzles. Your child will also be taught language and cognitive skills in story time. The block counting will introduce your child to numbers while the singing activity will introduce him or her to alphabets and numbers.

Generate motor skills:-

High-quality playgroups in Singapore will develop motor skills in your child by arranging various physical activities like running, climbing, etc. Their balance and physical growth will also be improved when children engage themselves in interactive games. There will also be development in hand-eye coordination of your child when he involves himself in bead threading tasks and scissor cutting.

Gain social values:-

The playgroup activities will also inculcate social values among the children. They will learn about the quality of team spirit when they work together in drawing something. Discipline traits will also be developed in them when they follow the given instructions and wait for their turn. If your child is shy then you must send him or her to playgroup in order to overcome introvert tendencies.

Develop creativity:-

The teachers of the playgroup design many artistic and crafty activities for the children in order to construct their creative minds. There are many children who feel reluctant in doing creative things at home due to the fear of being scolded by their parents but they have the freedom of doing anything at the playgroup in their own way.

Preparing your child for kindergarten:-

For every child, the atmosphere of a kindergarten is an all together new experience and often many children face a lack of acceptance in the first few days. Teachers are specially trained to handle this kind of behavior and help young children to adapt to the new environment in a comfortable manner.

How your child can be easily adjusted in playgroup

Like minded companion:-

When your child meets with other children of same age, he or she will not find any difficulty in adjusting in playgroup. The children will have a lot of fun with their peers. Their self-confidence will also be built up among them.


There will also be different types of soft toys in the playgroup so that the children can play with it. You can also request the teachers for allowing your child to bring his or her favorite toy for playing. It will make your child feel more at home.

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