Why is it Important to Teach Native Languages to Your Bilingual Child

Nowadays, many children are settled in foreign countries due to their parent’s occupation. One of the biggest problems in this case is to find a reputed school with a native language curriculum. Even if you are sending your child to a foreign language school, it is important to teach the mother tongue to make him/her efficient in the language. In Singapore, Mandarin playgroup activities are gaining widespread popularity owing to one or more of the following reasons.

Lays the Foundation of Language Growth in Children

The native language lays the foundation learning and understanding from an early age. Your child grows up following instructions at home much before he steps into the community. He/she constantly listening to the parents talking in the mother tongue. This makes him/her familiar with the terms and vocabulary. If you give instructions in this language, it will be easy for the child to follow it.

Good Exposure to Own Culture and Rituals

If your child is learning a foreign language in school, he/she is slowly getting associated with the foreign culture and practices. While it is good to know about various cultures and traditions, it is equally significant to keep your child bound to his/her own roots. Everyone should know about his own traditional values and cultural practices.

Raises the Ability to Read Books and Dialects

If you belong to a Chinese background, the child should know Mandarin well. When he/she grows up learning the language as fun at a Mandarin playgroup, it will lay the foundation of the education process. Later in life, this language acquaintance will help him in reading text books in the native language, speak to others who are not familiar with foreign languages, etc.

Speak in Mother Tongue While Talking to Your Child

The professional language educators have been advising the parents for ages to communicate with their children in their native language. In order to boost strong language learning skills from an early age, the parents should speak the native language that comes in good quality and quantity. Pure communication in native language eliminates confusion in understanding and helps make concepts clearer.

Time Allocation and Management for Teaching Native Language

Knowing a language properly is not restricted to speaking proficiently. Your child needs to read and write in the native vernacular with equal proficiency. This is a time-consuming task. One of the best ways is to take your child to native playgroup regularly. The ideal time is during the weekends when there is very little pressure of academic studies. The child will enjoy the company of other kids speaking in the same language, complete tasks in a group, learn reading and writing in Chinese dialects while they play, etc.

It is not tough to raise bilingual kids in foreign countries. These children possess great learning ability and the language problem is not an issue of confusion. In fact, the language growth based on learning something in mother tongue will actually help in the development of communicative skills, language growth, etc. Sending your child to a preschool with Mandarin playgroup events can solve your problem of teaching everything from the scratch at home.

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