The Need to Have a Pet Around Kids

A pet can do lots of things for your child –€“ he can act like a furry friend, a true companion, partner to do childhood crime and a cuddle buddy. Most of the kids enjoy the warmth and companionship offered by pets and it is well proven that these creatures are the most trustworthy friends of human beings. Other than companionship, a pet can offer so many important benefits related to the overall development of kid as it encourages their engagement in emotional, social and physical growth.

Although pets are really important for kids at your house, at the same time, they are additional work for parents. Nonetheless, parents need to make the right decisions whether they wish to see their kids growing with animals or not. But after looking at the evidence from a Singapore kindergarten, it was observed that a pet has lots of things to teach to your little champ like loyalty, intelligence, love, emotions, responsibility and many more.

Here are the top reasons for raising kids with animal companionship:

Kids that stay around animals are less likely to suffer from common health risks like asthma and allergies, etc. A recent study shows that kids that grow up with a dog in the first year of their life are less likely to suffer with respiratory tract type infections whereas for others the chances are double.

Usually with the advancement in technology now, you rarely find kids playing outdoors. However, having pets at home can become one of the major reasons for sending kids out for playing and they will surely have fun together.

When children play with pets, it helps them to lower their blood pressure and it is much better for kids who are suffering from autism, ADHD or other spectrum type disorders. Experts suggest making efforts for kid’€™s participation in most therapy dog programs.

Cuddling with pets help kids reduce anxiety, loneliness and stress. Ultimately, they are able to develop more social skills as well as a higher level of self esteem.

Pets act like an active audience for kids when they try to act like a public speaker, magician, musician, actor or dancer, etc. A pet can always help them feel comfortable and confident about whatever they are doing while playing.

Sharing care and love with pets teaches kids to act with a strong bond of relationship to other family members too. It makes them friendlier with siblings and parents as well.

Regular interactions with pets help kids to boost their empathy, as well as compassion.

Development of a habit to care and feed for animals help kids learn some childhood responsibilities and it is really good to give a boost to social behaviour.

There are so many health-related and emotional benefits of having a pet at home during the growing stage of your kids as these lovely creatures can teach so many things to your child that even you will not find time to teach.

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