08. YLC How To Choose A Suitable Primary School Maths Enrichment Programme In Singapore

From engineering to business administration, expertise in mathematics opens doors to a variety of successful careers. Additionally, proficiency in basic arithmetic is necessary to manage personal accounts and taxes. Given the importance of mathematics, the process of developing an excellent mathematical intelligence should start as early in life as possible. An education system should enable young children to think critically while solving problems in mathematics. Unfortunately, owing to their spontaneous nature, children below the age of ten experience significant hurdles while learning mathematics. Additionally, many children don’t find mathematics interesting.

The need for a teaching strategy that can develop not only a high level of mathematical intelligence but also a keen interest in mathematical applications in children is paramount. maths enrichment for primary school children is the answer to the difficulties faced by children while learning mathematics. Maths enrichment is a program that involves a wide variety of strategies devised to help children develop their mathematical aptitude. Benefiting kindergarten children and primary school children, a mathematics enrichment program implements teaching methods that use the innate curiosity and creativity of children to improve their mathematics skills.

In Singapore, a nation with a world renowned system of mathematics education, there are a number of maths enrichment centres and private child care centres that promise great improvements in the mathematical capabilities of children. How does a parent choose the right program from the variety of maths enrichment programs that are available?

While selecting a maths enrichment program for your child, it is crucial to remember to check what type of strategy is employed by the program to improve the mathematical aptitude of a child. Select a maths enrichment strategy that is compatible with the personality and the talents of your child. Three Maths enrichment programs are described in the rest of this article.

A high quality program developed by a preschool in accordance to the latest syllabus from the Ministry of Education, this maths enrichment program uses the ‘Matrix Method’, a teaching strategy that involves mastering all the basic concepts in mathematics.

Multi-Process Model (MPM)

The key principle of this maths enrichment program is to encourage self-learning in children. The approach to teaching is highly personalised and seeks to ensure that children have fun while learning mathematics.

E.nopi Maths System

Devised by Dr Young Joong Kang from South Korea in the 1970s, this style of teaching involves the teacher establishing a rapport with the student and understanding the learning requirements of each student. Students are taught how to master Self-learning and develop a meticulous approach to learning

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